What is Mindfulness?

what is mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

For so long we spend pushing away suffering or reacting to the sensations it brings. When we invite loving awareness, we transcend pain. Mindfulness is not aiming for blissful happiness constantly this is un- realistic. Rather feeling and attaching meaning moving through it. So you can live more peacefully in the moment. If we accept that everything changes and discover that we can float, that we can surf rather than stop the waves, then our life becomes more responsive. “Jack Kornfield, PhD.

In each waking moment we are receiving stimuli, seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, sensing. We generally ignore or minimise this stimulus to focus on our conceptual world, labelling, analysing, describing, goal setting, judging, planning, comparing, remembering, problem solving, self-reflecting, daydreaming creating a mind movie of our past and future.

Thinking is active, complex, fast, stimulating, burns energy, tightens the body. Whilst sensing is passive, in the present, slower, conserves energy and allows the body to soften.

Mindfulness helps to be able to recognise the two modes of being and choose to shift into the more relaxing sensing mode.

Surrender relax your body notice your breath, allow yourself to feel the energy within you.

Observe the emotions and sensations in your body ,the external landscape use all your sense’s.

Allow and accept feelings (even negative ones) with self- love and emotional discernment know that you are safe (hold yourself hand on heart and tummy) or one under armpit one over shoulder. Offer love and compassion to yourself in this moment as you would a close friend, relative or pet/child needing your love and reassurance.

Release your feelings with your breath.

The Benefits Of Mindfulness Are:

  • Keeps your thoughts in the present moment minimising worry
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater self acceptance and self love
  • Healther relationships
  • Less reactive to stress triggers


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