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What is a Psychic Medium?

The word clairvoyant is derived from the French word translated to ‘clear vision’ and helps to describe someone who is able to see events, people and spirits using extra sensory perception beyond the usual physical senses.

How do I work?

As a psychic medium I am able to pin point issues quickly and accurately. Prior to university studies I worked for 25 years as a Massage/Spa therapist where I used reiki and massage as a vehicle to support energy readings. I sense your energy and that of those important in your life. If you are not seeing me in person I work with a first name and a photo only.

All cultures tribes and religions have sacred rituals and prayer which facilitate communion with god/s other spirit worlds and nature. Buddhist Monks, Amazonian tribes and our own Australian Indigenous people have a strong link to spirit or consciousness. There are many documented cases of telepathy amongst these cultures. It my hope to take the mystical magical element out of the work that I do and provide a genuine way to communicate with your higher self . Science is now after only 100 years providing a lens to view what our ancient ancestors have always known.

Readings are available in person at Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, or online for existing interstate clients and new clients via facetime, phone or email.

Online Psychic Medium

What To Expect

By sensing your energy, scenarios in your life are described visually as I see them in pictures – descriptions will be offered of situations or people either living or now passed. Some of the information may have already happened. It may not make sense at the time yet for most people it will be revealed at a later time. Detailed descriptions help to identify the person or place I am seeing.  Information by way of scenarios in your life, inner turmoil, blocks as well as a path forward are lovingly highlighted by your guides. If your reading is done at my practice , you will be seated across from me . If at home (on line ) you need to have a private room free of interruptions and a comfortable place to sit for the duration have a drink and some tissues with you. I am happy for you to record the session or take notes for your future reference .




Whether you see me in person, online or via email, the energy is both received and given in exactly the same way.



Any private information and photos will be deleted after the reading.

In-Person, Phone & Online Sessions

Once your online booking time is allocated I will call / facetime you in your allocated time and day, it is good to have some questions written down as the information usually comes through quickly. If you are able I recommend sending a photo of yourself and your family / I can also work from a name or items . You are welcome to record the session yourself or take notes.

Email Sessions

If your entire session is offline (eg via email), send me up to 5 questions via email with photo(s). I will write your answers which will be emailed to you within 24 hours. This is a good option if you are time poor or prefer written information. Typically it is around 500 words or a page and a half.

Initial Enquiry
Prior Payment (or In Person)
Session In-Person or Online

How To Book?


To make an appointment please either fill in the enquiry form, phone me, or text me with your details.

In person and on line sessions are held at my Buderim practice  Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm. (After hours by appointment). Phone and online appointments must be paid in full prior to the appointment, via Paypal.


Prior to your session you’ll need to accept my disclaimer, or if your first session is in person, you can arrive a few minutes early and complete the disclaimer before your appointment.


Payment can be made either in person at my clinic, or via Paypal.

In Person Psychic Reading Buderim
  • In Person Session

    1 hour. In Person session.


Internet Banking Details

Account name: Westpac: Pauline M von Bibra
BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545

Online Psychic Session Australia
  • Online Session

    Via phone or online session.


Internet Banking Details

Account name: Westpac: Pauline M von Bibra
BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545

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    • I agree A new Chapter Holistic Counselling will not be held accountable for any decisions or actions you take as a result of accessing reading or counselling services.
    • Refunds will not be accepted for services as you are charged for my time. If you have any complaints please contact the owner directly so that resolution may be sought through discussion.
    • Cancellations without 24 hour notice unless there are extenuating circumstances will be charged at rate of session booked.
    • Persons must be 18 years or older to access services both readings and counselling.
    • A New Chapter Holistic Counselling does not claim to cure/heal /or treat any medical conditions including severe psychiatric conditions.
    • A New Chapter Holistic Counselling reserves the right to refuse or cancel sessions and refer to other suitable practitioners.
    • A New Chapter Holistic Counselling will not be held liable for the expectations or outcomes of the service.
    • Any client records shall be stored securely.
    • All sessions are strictly confidential.

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