Holistic Counselling

Trauma, Grief & Loss

What Is Holistic Counselling?

Welcome to a space where the Sacred and Psychology co exist  find purpose, deeper meaning and connectedness,  focus on the whole person rather than a diagnosis and disorder.


Holistic counselling embraces the mind, body, spirit connection and takes into account overall personal wellbeing. It is a person centered  approach where through self awareness you are empowered to improve your life.

Holistic counselling has positive effect for issues such as depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, grief, loss, interpersonal problems and life’s transitions.

Holistic counselling may help where traditional counselling does not meet your cultural and spiritual beliefs. Or when you do not seek a diagnosis yet need some objective guidance in a private neutral space outside of your family and friendship group.

How Do I Work?


As a Holistic counsellor, I incorporate evidence based  therapies with  techniques such as Narrative Therapy , Bodywork, Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided imagery and Reiki. This offers powerful transformation .


Some of the work I do involves breath work , moving , stretching and contact with your body. This helps to discover your tension and improve your emotional response. As we work together I encourage you to only do what you feel strong enough to do. I may use methods that require you to lie on a massage table or  yoga mat (you will remain fully clothed).


You may experience an emotional release, this is normal I will support you through this. I will not push you towards unrealistic goals although I will require honesty and effort on your part to understand any un healthy conditioned tendencies and default responses and change them. I will provide a compassionate non judgmental space to enable your personal growth.

What They Say

What to Expect


For online counselling sessions you'll need to fill out the client details form prior to your appointment. If you're seeing me in person at my clinic, your first session will require you to  to fill out a client details form.


During your first session we'll discuss your main issues and personal history. I will also gather lifestyle factors that may contribute to your current well being.


At this stage I will recommend other allied professionals where necessary . I work within my qualifications and experience so if you have an acute condition that is outside of these I will happily refer you to a suitably qualified person. The first session is two hours subsequent sessions are one and a quarter hours. Sessions continue on a weekly basis or fortnightly basis typically for up to a month, followed by periodic appointments in person or via phone, face time, whatsapp, zoom or skype.

How To Book & Pay?


To make an appointment please either fill in the enquiry form, phone or text me (0488 150 788) with your details.

Hours: In person sessions are held in Buderim Tuesday  - Saturday 10am and 4pm. (After hours and on line  by appointment).

Online appointments must be paid in full prior to the appointment, via Paypal or Internet Banking (Account name: Pauline M von Bibra, BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545).

Counselling Session Buderim
  • Holistic Counselling Initial Session/Extended Session

    2 Hours


Internet Banking Details

Account name: Pauline M von Bibra
BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545

Online Psychic Session Australia
  • Holistic Counselling Online Session

    1.25 hours. Online via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp,Zoom or Phone call.


Internet Banking Details

Account name: Pauline M von Bibra
BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545

In Person Counselling Buderim
  • Holistic Counselling In Person Session

    1.25 hours. In person session.


Internet Banking Details

Account name: Pauline M von Bibra
BSB: 034 243
Account: 369545

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