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What My Clients Are Saying


Incredible experience with Pauline! Everything was so accurate and she made me feel so comfortable for my first ever reading. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

November 2023


I’ve sent some of the office girls, wow your reading was spot on. Thanks again!



Wow another year over, thanks so much for your kindness and patience as you helped me through losing my beautiful Sandra of 56 years, to cancer. Thanks for also buying me milk, washing my sheets and opening my curtains whilst you chatted. Above and beyond! I still struggle but I know I am ok, one day at at time.



I can’t thank you enough for your guidance this past year. I will, and have, recommended you to half the staff so there may be nurses coming at you!

February 2022


Pauline was amazing, she was welcoming and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Everything she said was spot-on. There were things said which I needed to hear which then helped me move on. I highly recommend seeing Pauline.

May 2021


Thankyou Pauline I appreciate your help at the time I was going through the a rough time. With severe grief from loss of family.
I will continue to see you as you have been a great support for me at this time. You are so lovely and I will not hesitate to recommend others to you as I already have.
Thank you I appreciate you.
Cheers Robert

February 2021


Pauline presents her intuitive knowledge with unflinching honesty within a warm, caring and non-judgmental framework. She has a beautiful and graceful sense of humour and greatest integrity. I value her insight and trust her and the work we do together.

With love and appreciation, Madeline.

December 2020


I am so lucky to have found Pauline! She has a wonderfully calming approach and I found our session to be life-affirming, fascinating and motivating. I will certainly book with her again in future.

January 2021


Fabulous, Pauline was engaging, so lovely to talk to & so heartfelt. Her vision was incredibly perceptive, exact & scarily “spot on”… left my skin tingling with her words & interactions. She was such a wonderful lady. I can’t thank her enough for her beautiful words & kind thoughts. I will definitely be seeking her heartfelt wisdom again in the future. She’s an angel.

December 2020


My daughter and I had a reading with Pauline in Nov 2020 – and it was fantastic. We felt so comfortable and welcome with Pauline and she was very accurate in our reading. I would (and have) recommend Pauline to everyone who asks!

Nov 2020


I am so glad I found Pauline! This lady’s approach is simply Divine. So much empathy, engagement and ability, to help me unpack a lot of congested experiences and lay them out for processing.
Such a simple yet profound approach and with such subsequent deep shifts these last couple of months, I am moving through my life with more confidence and wisdom. In the whole process I found myself working with some level of expected counselling techniques, but Pauline certainly includes tools definitely outside “the box” that probably made the journey more focused …and, yes, at times even entertaining. A very authentic, talented and committed healer, well worth your time and investment.

July 2020


Wow I got an on line reading as we have re located due to my Hubbies work. I was feeling overwhelmed and struggling. A very detailed and amazing reading I have only had card readings prior. I felt like I had a counselling session and psychic experience all at once. Even with all the changes she made me feel secure and happier with our life and future. I hung up feeling more optimistic and I am no longer running around like a hairy goat. It helped that Pauline understands what it is like to be a single Mum half your marriage we moved so my Husband could finally be with us. Thanks so much.

Western Australia


I had my first reading with Pauline I work at a University and tend to be a more evidence based person. I have a skeptical version of Psychics .However a friend recommended I see Pauline assuring me of her integrity. What impressed me was her accuracy, some of the names did not make sense, though the descriptions of people their quirks , mannerisms and personalities past and present was as if I was in the room with them . I was amazed at how well she could know my inner self and I left feeling comforted. I had to sit in the car for a bit just to take it all in.



I had a phone reading with Pauline she was very clear in explaining how it all worked and I felt at ease straight away. I had a truckload to go through once she tuned in she described my scenario and partner to a T. My dramas seemed to shrink after speaking with her and I went from muddled to feeling in control again. I was so grateful that she showed me great empathy yet she was really honest too she didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. Thanks again amazing experience.



I can’t speak highly enough of Pauline’s method of treatment. I experienced divine guidance with a powerful healing effect, helping to release the past and avoiding old painful experiences to do with my Mum. I got a good dose of comfort. Pauline listens to messages that our hearts whisper. Congratulations on this new period in your life.



My daughter and I have known Pauline for quite some time now through her lovely work. I still remember my very first appointment with her and how calming and friendly she was/is. I’m looking forward to my next reading with her, always enjoyable and insightful. A natural intuitive.



Pauline’s healing treatments and readings are very powerful and spot on. The Reiki treatments I received I believe helped me on my way to healing my body after Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment. Her readings during theses treatments helped to see clearly what I needed to change in my life for the better and I did. My sons and I both benefited with a peaceful and balanced manner afterwards and her advise during and after the sessions helped us to move forward more positively and calmly in our lives. I saw and felt huge changes in all of us after our treatments with Pauline. Ahhh I wish I could have one now so grateful for the healing.